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Dusseldorf pallets and merchandise display.

Display of goods in stores.
People responsible for sales development and sales organization are constantly looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of promotional activities that have an impact on sales increase.

Very large retail chains, as well as much smaller supermarkets, are more and more often using 800 × 600 pallets, such as Dusseldorf, for product display. Those pallets occupy a very small space, therefore, they do not affect the movement of customers, and thus do not interfere with shopping. This makes our pallets an extremely effective merchandising technique both in store aisles and in the checkout area.

The use of the Dusseldorf pallet also facilitates the stocking and reduces the time needed for stocking as well as the costs of logistics and warehouse operations. Another big advantage is that the pallets can be accessed from all four sides, which greatly increases the ability to move within the store and allows you to maneuver in the narrow aisles of the big-box stores.

Dusseldorf pallets are a perfect solution that boosts sales, improves merchandising performance and increases consumer awareness of the product.

Manufacturers, suppliers and the staff responsible for organizing sales in supermarkets and retail chains are more and more often taking into account the advantages of such a solution. This may help them to improve merchandising performance and increase brand awareness.

This is important because, according to recent studies, an average consumer will see approximately over 250 products per minute during a standard visit to a big-box store or supermarket.

If we take into account the fact that as much as seventy percent of purchase decisions are made by customers on impulse, it turns out that the proper placement of products (for example at the cash register) can bring very big benefits and directly affect the increase in sales.

In conclusion, Dusseldorf 800 × 600 pallets are the perfect solution adapted to the changing expectations and shopping behavior of the consumers while reducing logistics and warehouse costs.